9. Wireframes and Storytelling


The Wireframing and Storytelling handbook covers the first steps of prototyping your thinking and ideas. It’s all about ‘doing’ and testing your ability to be agile.

This handbook helps you to develop prototypes through wireframes by merging agile thinking and designed together. We also help you create wireframes by providing you with our favourite tools and techniques, and going hi-fi.

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Now that you’ve done all the hard work of understanding your business, audiences, their needs and so one, the challenge is to take this knowledge and begin prototyping your thinking. This means doing. It means being agile.

This handbook takes you through the process of wireframing and prototyping while keeping your audiences at the centre of your thinking.  As part of this we are following a cycle of constant iteration, with the aim of the handbook being to produce working and functional capabilities for you and your teams. With each iteration, we review what has been built and review the process of work so that both elements can continually improve.


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