3. Key Themes and Messages


The Key Themes and Messages handbook is designed to establish and develop the key themes and messages of your business. It will help you find or create a ‘through line’ for your messaging that will act as a baseline for your story telling, positioning and marketing. 

These key themes and messages create a structured way to talk about your business, project or offering. They are constructed in a way that allows you to explain why your business or offering is the best solution to a problem using a vision, mission, messaging and themes.

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This handbook helps you create the key themes and messages for your business. It ensures that you establish a ‘through line’ for your messaging that can act as a baseline for your storytelling, positioning and advocacy / campaigns.

This handbook steps you through each step of developing strong messaging about your business and ensuring that it will resonate with audiences. It works in conjunction with:

  • Disruptor’s Canvas: Ensure the messaging you create here is consistent with your business planning
  • Universal Pitch Deck: Turn a ‘generic pitch deck’ into a focused tool for brand storytelling


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