10. Lean Marketing Plan


Lean marketing applies startup ideologies to marketing goals, shifting business focus and efforts through prioritisation and planning.

This handbook prepares readers for the processes and changes needed to make lean marketing work for a business. It provides a vital framework to bring your innovation to market. 

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In this disruptive world, we no longer have the luxury of setting a strategy every year or two. We now live in a constant state of strategy innovation. But how is this possible? The answer is ‘lean marketing’.

The handbook itself is a simple marketing plan that can be easily adapted for a variety of small teams. It has three main sections that work together, including:

  • Plan: committing to a series of outcomes which is done by planning and documenting
  • Act: once teams know what they are working towards, they then test hypotheses to determine success
  • Iterate: using data analysis and insights, teams can now iterate to improve their plannings and actions¬†



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