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The aim of this Digital Technologies and Innovation Short Course is to arm participants with a clear set of concepts, methods, and metrics to identify, nurture, and evaluate the impact of technology on business innovation.

The course is structured around four specific axes:

  • Context: Analysing the impact of the digital economy on our perceptions of work, the workplace, productivity, and innovation
  • Methods and technologies: Understanding current practices of omnichannel distribution, social commerce, and digital transformation
  • Case studies: Exploring specific experiences in several industries:  banking, manufacturing, retail, and public service.
  • Metrics:  Applying different benchmarks of innovation

Resources you may find useful in this course include:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the different manifestations of innovation and understand where they should be applied
  • Identify trends in digital technology adoption and diffusion
  • Understand and deploy innovation methods in business contexts
  • Develop and complete a business innovation canvas for their company
  • Investigate and prioritise business products and processes for innovation
  • Design and develop solutions to business problems.

This is a self-paced short course.  No assessment is required, however, there are options to convert the unit into a recognised course of study, with the completion of specific assessment tasks.  Please contact the course director to discuss options for formal assessment and unit accreditation.